Pinned toot ... its kinda of a fascist crypto utube..
check out the main page video.. with all the trump videos on the main presentation video :facepalm:
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How to Form an Affinity Group

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Turbulent times are upon us. Already, blockades, demonstrations, riots, and clashes are occuring regularly. It’s past time to be organizing for the upheavals that are on the way.

But getting organized doesn’t mean joining a pre-existing institution and taking orders. It shouldn’t mean forfeiting your agency and intelligence to become a cog in a machine.

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"So you’re saying that fighting with trolls online is actually worth your time?

Right. But do it as a group, do it as a cluster. Don’t do it individually. It will break you."
:antifa: :antifa: :antifa: keep on fighting ma friends @isolategab

I'm here for like two weeks. It feels much better than constantly being on Facebook. I'm calmer and more present.

But I really miss my #yarn and #handspinning tribe. I have noone to really share this passion with in real life, and there seems to be like I'm the only mastodon user in this niche.
Maybe I should not care and just create. It just feels a bit lonely like this.

Or maybe I'm just too stupid to navigate the #fediverse. But I'm really not that geeky Person...

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We've been given a gift this week.

When Facebook disconnected itself from the Internet we were given a taste of what life would be like without them.

With the Twitch leak we know exactly what your attention is worth.

Participating with both platforms might give you a little bit of joy but it's worth way more to the folks controlling your attention.

What would you gain if you took back control?

And what do you lose when you can't?


want a good web browsing experience? go into the woods and look for spiders

If you do not speak to the worker, there will be no communism
If you do not speak to Indigenous, we can have no Decolonization
If you do not speak to those that were fed through the school to prison pipeline. We can have no Prison Abolition.
If you do not speak to the oppressed, there will be no Revolution.
It takes a million voices to topple a mountain. And if you gatekeep them behind words that they don't know. Then you are only speaking for yourself.

So that's why I write poems of Revolution

I'm not sure janky little decentralized services run by actual people have a chance when people have these ridiculous reliability expectations from having being weaned on megacorp services.

It's part of the reason why I sometimes get depressed working on NetBSD, people expect every single possible configuration to work when that's simply not possible with the available developer pool and lack of corporate sponsorship.

Personally I like things to be a little broken. It's a sign of love, and humanity. Like home baked cookies that have turned into one big cookie.

" Tenemos, además, una producción de cocaína como nunca habíamos tenido en nuestra historia y una extensión de hectáreas dedicadas a los cultivos ilícitos desconocida hasta ahora, aparte del desorden social motivado por el negocio del narcotráfico"

La coca que duerme en el oeste de Africa, para responder a la demanda en Europa. Lo que no va contar el jefe de Frontex.

La contradicción de Greta Thunberg

"Cuando Greta fustiga a los poderosos de este mundo exhortándoles a «escuchar a los científicos», se está situando en el centro de las contradicciones de nuestra época. Idealiza la ciencia contraponiéndola al trabajo sucio de la industria, ignorando que ésta no es más que el brazo armado de la ciencia. Desde el punto de vista histórico, resulta completamente imposible disociarlas.."

*Dejemos el reformismo y abrazemos la radikalización


A veces creo que aún existe cierta libertad y democracia pero luego leo y se me pasa.

Hi all: this account is in hybernation after #Gab functionally left the #fediverse, but wanted to wake it from slumber to note that all your work got noticed in a new ISD Report.

"There is precedent for open source communities to push back against those who seek to use their tools to promote hate speech. One such case is Mastodon, an open source social media community which has waged a long-running war of attrition against an influx of far-right users from Gab – a war which, as of December 2020, they appear to have won."

RT @cfenollosa
"This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network." I'm hoooked to Darknet Diaries!

First "OpenWhisper" developed by signal denied that "Whatsapp" which uses "Open Whisper" to encrypt all messages, had developed a backdoor for whatsapp. [1]


you might be surprised to learn that WhatsApp has more than 1,000 contract workers ... to pass judgment on whatever flashes on their screen [2]


2 -

'It sets up perverse incentives for new projects, where developers are no longer trying to convince you to use their software because it’s good, but because they think that if they can convince you it will make them rich. I’'

Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster

Invented by a self-styled radical cryptographer who goes by the name of Moxie Marlinspike, Signal was brought to life with funding from the BBG-supported Open Technology Fund and appears to rely on continued government funding for survival. Despite the service’s close ties to an organization spun off from the CIA, the leading lights of America’s privacy and crypto community back the app. “I use Signal every day.
The Crypto-Keepers | Yasha Levine

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