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We need to kick google out of our lifes... Are they using our precious time with their "I'm not a robot" to develop AI for drones???

"Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones" -

Join us:

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os recuerdo que GITHUB ahora es el malo malísimo para vosotres pero nadie se acordó de lo que pasó con Julie Ann Horvath y eso para mí es el number one de evitar (en la medida de lo que puedo)  contribuir en github, ¿sabéis lo que pasa? que rechazamos las cosas porque por temas privativos pero ¿y los temas humanos?ah amiGUItos y amiGUItas a veces solo vemos software en el software libre.

/dev/null as a Service is looking for peepz .. amazing offers... :acclaim:

Hey everyone, #GetTogether now has it's own Mastodon account! Follow me for news, release announcements, and other updates on the free, open source, federated event planning site.

Twitter bloque depuis 10h le service Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter qui permet de faire interagir un compte Mastodon et un compte Twitter


I've been using the #CryptPad collaborative online #editor with end-to-end encryption (and getting a lot of friends to use it) so much that I'm considering setting up an instance on a server.

@cryptpad is now fundraising for some awesome milestones:

- Spreadsheets and Office-like docs by integrating
- Commenting
- Shared Drives
- #Federation for pads with cross-instance commenting and messaging!
- Offline editing
- Suggested edits

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

now, this goes straight to the reading list!

"The Mushroom at the End of the World - On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins"
by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing (2015)

Haurem d’anar així a les manifestacions? i ja n’enregistren vídeos sovint. Seria interessant conèixer si apliquen tècniques de reconeixement facial. Què en penseu? #ResistFacialRec #ReconeixementFacial buenos dias Fdiverso primero queremos enseñaros nuestro nuevo blog. Como sabeis andamos de cambios y hemos pensado en darle un nuevo aire al blog. Gracias a las compas que sueñan y ponen su tiempo para que las cosas funcionen. @bonber y @spectrumgirl soñar juntas os queda bonito, no dejeis de hacerlo. Estar atentas porque queremos hacer un certamen de diseño del logo.  

tired: delete my facebook account
wired: lost my phone with many friends contacts

I though i was fooling around when i said i wil change friends and only have friends which dont use proprietary social networks.. lol :awesome:

Yeah.. the ultimate class war:
"Workers at a Fiat Chrysler plant in Italy are to strike after its main investor decided to pay €112m (£99.2m) to sign footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus."

I'm holding a workshop on July 13th 4PM at #ZAD as part of #ZADenVies

Decentralization and data ownership in the surveillance age 

What is #decentralization? What is #federation? What are #platformcoops? How can you decide, through these frameworks, what happens to your data and protect yourself from prying eyes? We will discuss these ideas and more. Non-technical, beginner-friendly workshop. All materials will be posted online for later perusal.

Due to closing down, we have moved our official account to See:

The new account is:

any1 from ?? i need a favor :) or maybe u have a friend? i just need some1 to pickup some stickers in a store .... :awesome: