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We need to kick google out of our lifes... Are they using our precious time with their "I'm not a robot" to develop AI for drones???

"Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones" -

Join us:

Toot fixado

Drew an assortment of polliwoglins to practice my digital inking.

and also to be crystal clear: it was never our intent for the whitelist feature to be abused by a rogue packager to impose his personal editorial control on the fediverse at large.

if you have installed freedombone and been hit by this default whitelist, please be assured that this is NOT a typical behaviour of Pleroma.

Pleroma, like other fediverse software, ships an entirely open configuration by default.

if we were to introduce a preloaded whitelist, we would explicitly ask the user if they wanted that behaviour instead of imposing it without asking. we would NEVER do it in the way that freedombone has done it.

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How do I clear mastodon:media:clear ? My mastodon instance with like 5 users.. is using 100GB... :| i only find this pull...

Hey #FOSS #fediverse 😘 if you wanna do something really nice what are the exact steps to make an #xmpp server that authenticates with #mastodon

(This one isn't a shitpost)

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yay peepz wassup? been a while offline... big hugs to all

Hello fediverse! And guten tag to everyone at #35c3 :)

We're a newly opened #hacklab in #Greece, run by a #nonprofit #autonomous #collective as a #radical, #communityrun space in #Exarchia #Athens for people to learn, share, organise, and create together.

Some of us are currently at #35c3, DM if you want to chat!

#introductions #nonhierarchical #anticapitalist #hackerspace #hacklabs #hackerspaces #ccc #fablab #makerspace #introduction #hacker #maker #hackers #makers

Are there still audio streams for talks on some DECT phone number this year on #35C3 ? Can't currently seem to find any pointers to the numbers...

Remember #Mastodon : you can pin a hashtag, say, #35C3 , as a new column for as long as you want ;-)

this week only, you can see our documentary online,!! its about comunity and forest, here in , a , by and filmed by me, enjoy Forest Evgenia Emets.mp4?_=1

If you are at #35c3 and want to start #self-hosting and discover #YunoHost, I'll be giving an hands-on workshop on Day 2 at 2 pm !

Also feel free to ping me if you want to talk about #YunoHost in general !

In the datacenter having coffee and preparing to swap CPUs on two servers.

In about 10 - 15 min all services will be down for the duration of the process.
#disroot #disrootnews #disrootstate #disrootorg

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