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“Isabel, a mulher que espoliou Angola”, “A mulher mais rica de África à custa do saque de Angola”: o Luanda Leaks na imprensa internacional

Rui Pinto foi extraditado para Portugal desde a Hungria no ano passado, e está agora na prisão em Portugal. É acusado de ser o hacker por detrás do (denunciando a corrupção no futebol) e agora está por detrás do . Liberdade Rui Pinto JÁ!

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How to Form an Affinity Group

:antifa: :acab: :anarchoheart2: :blackcat: :blackcat:

Turbulent times are upon us. Already, blockades, demonstrations, riots, and clashes are occuring regularly. It’s past time to be organizing for the upheavals that are on the way.

But getting organized doesn’t mean joining a pre-existing institution and taking orders. It shouldn’t mean forfeiting your agency and intelligence to become a cog in a machine.

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"So you’re saying that fighting with trolls online is actually worth your time?

Right. But do it as a group, do it as a cluster. Don’t do it individually. It will break you."
:antifa: :antifa: :antifa: keep on fighting ma friends @isolategab

fediverse links are starting to appear everywhere.. its the revolution.. thank u comrades.. let's follow on :awesome:

@subMedia @antimidia when are we bringing unicorn riot to this beautiful new space in da cyber space? :blobaww:

Try out our new #ReproducibleBuilds support! All signature types are supported The "fdroid build" CI job on app merge requests will run a complete test and give rapid results before sending it to the production buildserver.

if u try to insult me with SJW.. I shall tell ya.. that's a very good sign!! let's troll all those alt-right machists and racists out of the fediverse!!! :antifa: :ancom: :anarchoheart2:

Realise the history of and their evolution into one to rule them all and destroy the planet enslaving and consuming everything in its path. Read and get into mind.

Before you start your day, try to make a list of the 3 most important things to focus on that day.

Buenos días. Se han liberado en los siguientes contenidos:

👕 Proceso para realizar una camiseta de Thimbleweed Park propia -

🕹️ Stellar Mess, un juego rollo maniac mansion creado 30 años después -

🈂️ Traducir Wizard and the princess de Roberta Williams desde GNU+Linux -

🪑 IKEA Hacks pra imprimir en 3D -

🚨 Important: starting July 15, 2021, Tor will no longer support v2 onion services. If you are a site administrator, you must upgrade to v3 onion services. Here is the full deprecation timeline:

@MonedaLibreG1 is posting vídeos about their projekt with machista jokes.. tech as usual... min 1.45.. if the revolution is not feminist then its not my revolution. :acab:

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