Pinned post ... its kinda of a fascist crypto utube..
check out the main page video.. with all the trump videos on the main presentation video :facepalm:
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How to Form an Affinity Group

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Turbulent times are upon us. Already, blockades, demonstrations, riots, and clashes are occuring regularly. It’s past time to be organizing for the upheavals that are on the way.

But getting organized doesn’t mean joining a pre-existing institution and taking orders. It shouldn’t mean forfeiting your agency and intelligence to become a cog in a machine.

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"So you’re saying that fighting with trolls online is actually worth your time?

Right. But do it as a group, do it as a cluster. Don’t do it individually. It will break you."
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Is there a name for the situation where some hypothesis or phenomenon gets named after a person who believed/advocated for the exact opposite?


Ortega hypothesis, i.e. that science is mostly accumulation of small contributions of mediocre individuals, from which "geniuses" draw everything -- named after a guy who claimed it's the geniuses who move science and create a framework for mediocre masses to make secondary contributions.


My suspicion: the discovery in the court case would have made both #Twitter and #Musk look really bad, with consequences for the stock price of their respective companies. So better to cut the loss and move on and close that trove of discovery oopsies ;)

If you have an indepdently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server using a special plug-in. This means that people on Mastodon etc. can follow your blog and interact with it.

You can install it on your blog by logging into the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, then search for "ActivityPub". The plug-in you want is called "ActivityPub" and is by Matias Pfefferle.

You can also see more info about it at and the author is on the Fediverse at @pfefferle

Once it's installed, you can find the blog's Fediverse address in your WordPress dashboard's Users section, it's listed at the bottom of the user's profile options. You can copy and paste this address into the search box on Mastodon etc to interact with that user's blog.

You'll also see an ActivityPub section in the Settings menu.

Note : This plug-in only works on independently hosted WordPress-powered blogs. It doesn't work on free blogs.

#WordPress #Fediverse

Cada otoño en Osijek, Croacia, el escultor y artista Nikola Faller dibuja cosas con un rastrillo y las hojas de los árboles.

📷 visto en tuiter.

You know you can help fund civilian rescue ships in the Mediterranean, right? Since our European government is trying to kill people every day.

Italian government especially hates those ships and constantly gets in their way. Like they blocked a ship recently, ignoring court rulings, because they rescued too many people and things like that. It's going to get worse after the election.

Sea-Watch is preparing another ship and they are not the only ones out there.

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Make a note about which protests are covered in Western media, and which get completely ignored.

In last 2 days at least 10 buildings were attacked in #Russia with molotov cocktails as protest against mobilization and war in #Ukraine. Including multiple drafting offices and office of Communist Party of Russia - putin's friends. #Protest

Just 25 people answered to call for action against mobilization in #Irkutsk. They are awesome. Irkutsk is a city of 600 000+ people. I guess the rest is queuing at the border... #Russia

anti-racist lyrics 

I am angry, when I think about you oppressing me. your ideology – the racist and sexist piece of shit you are.

The 9-11 attacks took the lives of 2,996 people, they also served as justification for the unprovoked invasion of Iraq. Not only did Saddam Hussein had no connection to Al Qaeda, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until after the USA-GB invasion.

The death toll of the war in Iraq was 110,600 civilians, according to Associated Press.

miners do not interact!!! I do not welcome anyone who mines minerals. Go back to your cave or whatever

No one asked for this, but have you thought of running Carla and plugins on the browser?

I have been studying and testing web assembly recently, using emscripten to compile regular C++ code.
There are quite some restrictions and quirkiness (everything runs on the main thread, even audio), but with some effort it is possible to make it work.

First real test, Ildaeil-Synth.

1. select "Audio File" from the list
2. click "Load plugin"
3. enjoy some music

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