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Albatroz Jeremias

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We need to kick google out of our lifes... Are they using our precious time with their "I'm not a robot" to develop AI for drones???

"Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones" -

Join us:

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A Journalist died during police eviction of the occupation. The German police have blood on their hands, defending the interest of the rich against those bound to this earth.
:acab: :anarchoheart2: 😢

We aren’t alone in the fight. Artists, websites, technologists, and more are up in arms about this looming Internet catastrophe.

@wordpress, @Kickstarter, @patreon, @Shapeways, @Bandcamp, all say no to #article13

On the way to the concert in today.

The poster reads:
Attention nazis, Chemnitz is your new stalingrad

@maryjane i see u there on the corner :antifa:

70.000 peepz on chemnitz against racism \o/

preparing to go to chemnitz... for a massive antifa demo + concert :anarchoheart2: :antifa:

🎆 Lerna has updated its license to ban companies that are known collaborators with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) such as Microsoft, Palantir, and Amazon ✅ For everyone else it will remain MIT licensed 🍵 See reasoning:

@kaniini @cwebber have you guys heard about osdi? l
ooks a lot like activityPub... im mostly interested in this software using it:

Adding support for FCM notifications to #microG is very important for the /e/ project if we want applications to receive notification without using Google services.

Please support this call for bounty reward by giving a few bucks :)

Edited the wiki of @FuckOffGoogle on how-to blackbloc :blackcat: google from your lifes..

Feel free to edit with more methods.. and improve the article :anarchoheart2: :acab:


This week Amazon started creating astroturf accounts that search & reply to tweets criticizing Amazon's working conditions, a normal & regular thing companies do.

Trees Have a “Heartbeat"! 😍

Now they’ve discovered the trunks and branches of trees are actually contracting and expanding to “pump” water up from the roots to the leaves, similar to the way our heart pumps blood through our bodies.

The only difference between our pulse and a tree’s is a tree’s is much slower, “beating” once every two hours or so, and instead of regulating blood pressure, the heartbeat of a tree, regulates water pressure.

we'll make great pets...
we'll make great pets...
we'll make great pets...
we'll make great pets...