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#🚲 is the only way!! :anarchism:

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@benoit sorry I dont understand french.. but I disagree with you... electrical cars are a waste of resources, all the factories, the metals, wheels, etc... come from somewhere and are built with some energy... also the "renewable" llike wind turbines and solar panels, water damms, use lots of resources to be built and mantained...

@benoit dont fall on the trap of green capitalism... and f*** Elon Musk... we don't have a planet B.. it's urgent to burn our cars, and use our 🚲

@ajeremias I agree for short distance and to go at the office. But otherwise a car is still necessary, especially if you live in the countryside like me. Or for that, EVs are pretty neat.

@ajeremias So true, and it's also missing all the pollution & harm generated by the making of batteries and electrical power-train.

Rare earth elements extraction (e.g. in China) is far from being ecological to say the least.

@xakan actually i want to move away from the city... :) and planning maybe to build something like this.. (electrical)

@ajeremias how do I do kilometers to go to work? How do I take my daughter to the nanny every morning? For exemple :)

I would like to spend more time on a bike, but not possible for everything ;)

@xakan well, each one should find their own ways... i'm not forbidding electrical cars.. I just don't think that the model of the future should be to keep on supporting this excessive crazy amount of cars per number of human beings... so we should push as much as we can the pedals of our 🚲

@ajeremias I agree with the amount of cars. But when you offer carpooling, nobody's interested. So... 🤷‍♂️

@xakan this trailers are very popular in the city I live!

@ajeremias yes, when you live in a city ;)

Here there are 150 inhabitants, and the nearest town with over 1000 inhabitants is 10 kilometres away.

@xakan 10km is very fine for going on bicycle! :) did you every tried?

@ajeremias of course, I'll do this with a baby every morning, even in winter ;)

@xakan im not tellin' you to do everymorning.. :o but try it.. really 🚲 is really nice... u feel so fresh!

@ajeremias that's not the question. Sport is not a problem for me.

I'm just telling that biking is not the only solution :)

@xakan then what else? it is the best solution \o/

@ajeremias maybe, but you said that it's the only way ;)

I agree with both of you. We must use a LOT less cars, electrical or not. We can use bikes instead (10km is done in 30min with a bike, you can take two children, and aside from extreme cold they'll be fine with the correct equipment).

Electrical bikes are neat stuff. Main difference with cars is mass, but also speed. 90km/h is a crazy waste of energy.

For long distances there are trains.

And of course a few situations will remain that need a car.