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I was working on the #Disroot app to let it store cookies so that the app can remember login credentials, when i was testing the app i noticed that downloading files from Lufi didn't work. The problem is that Lufi encrypt/decrypt files end to end and files are generated as blob.
Unfortunally webview aspects a link to start as http(s) and not blob.
I searched a lot to find a solution and i am not able to find a working solution by my own so as solution i used a workaround, make the app load Lufi in an external browser.
If someone knows a better solution it will be nice.
In meanwhile i appoligy for the weak solution.
I will update the app asap


@massimiliano Hi, is there any issue in gitlab you can link? what is lufi? Do you mean that the http/https request won't work because of https ? Any link to another person mentioning the issue? :) hugz

@ajeremias ^^ it's an alternative service to wetransfer, but encripted

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