yay.. any1 knowns if there is a mastodon instance with gardeners? and stuff

awesomeness... the feed from is now added in our instance :yeahsmokin:

@Mainebot @ajeremias I've never come across an actual instance for permacuture and/or gardening. Let's see if @mcmoots knows anything...

There are people who toot about gardening and boost others, namely @GwenfarsGarden

I would be happy to help where I can. I've been a gardener for decades, 10 years of that professionally, edible landscaper, adventurous composter obsessed with biomass, unskilled permie, and now 3rd year forestry student.

@Fritillaria2 @Mainebot @ajeremias @GwenfarsGarden has a lot of permaculture people, but solarpunk goes beyond that so it might or might not be your jam. There's also, which is smaller & has similar ancillary commitments.

@ajeremias I've seen many accounts from using the permaculture tag, but I think the instance is not entirely dedicated to permatcultre

@xj9 @ajeremias theres at least one gardener on sunshinegardens, but its pleroma not mastodon :P im happy to try to answer a question but i dont gardenpost on the fediverse much because a community isn't here so far.
i go to forums to get my fix. homegrown goodness and permies are both good. permies is kind of social media like, you can find threads with peoples garden pics over the years.
@hushroom @ajeremias

I like gardening and i've spent a lot of time taking care of trees if that means anything.
@xj9 @ajeremias im just getting started on trees, since i moved to a place i'm hopefully going to be for a while. probably should be pruned this winter but im nervous about it.
most of my experience is with annual vegetables, wwoofing, community gardens, and backyard/urban gardening a bit. trees are where its at but its very delayed gratification, guess i'll see in 3-5 years if i did everything right.

@hushroom pruning is as much an art as a science. The most basic rule of thumb is if you're not sure, don't cut. Anything that's obviously diseased or growing towards a place you don't want it is probably OK to cut. Different kinds of trees need different pruning approaches, but in all cases its important to think carefully about your desired shape and function.
@ajeremias @xj9

> i dont gardenpost on the fediverse much because a community isn't here so far.

Bit of a catch 22 there ;) If we discuss it, they will come? Maybe more use of tags like #gardening or #permaculture when those topics come up might help?

@ajeremias @xj9

@strypey @xj9 @ajeremias i'll start trying :) but i kind of think the features and UI of pleroma and mastodon isn't really optimized for this topic of discussion, but maybe im just biased

@ajeremias Yes, I suspect poor drainage as the main source for the mold here as @GwenfarsGarden already mentioned. If you allow excess water to run out, there's only a slim chance left for overwatering.

Is this a shadowy terrace/balcony?

@guido yep, i got some ideas now :) it's a garden in a friends house.. it's quite a sunny balcony, but the windows are a bit high! so i will get a table to put under the plants so that the dirt can get a bit more direct sun.. clean the mold and add more dirt.. and put some tube for water drainage :)

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