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I wonder if someone could help me wih something. For last year or so my hub struggles with diaspora addon. I have no clue why there is an issue. Basically the moment I enable diaspora addon, my db gets flodded with queries and in hubzilla logs I see constant flood of diaspora related stuff. Recently I thought that it might be an issue with postgres which isnt widely used so hard to find more poeple to debug with (specially when using specific addons). I then thought of perhaps migrating to mariadb but I have failed doing that.

Recently I switched diaspora addon on after some tweaks to postgres to see if there is any improvements. Of course as expected same thing happen. My hubzilla went down short after enabling addon. So after few hours (thought I might need more time to sync all missing posts)I disabled diaspora addon since my hub was not available for people to use. However during that time, one of the users reported seeing diaspora posts in his network stream from accounts he is not following.

So seeing how big of a mess diaspora addon is (whether in general or on my hub) I was wondering if I could purge all trace of diaspora from my hub (db) and start it from scratch. I am wondering what would need to be removed in order to acheive that. Is deleting all the diaspora channels is efficient enough or do I need to also remove them from people's follow lists? Would be nice to get some opinion from the people more experienced with hubzilla so I dont totally break my hub doing something stupid.
My happiness didnt last long. About 18:30 CET yesterday my hub went kaboom. And we are back to square one :(
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