why @eff isn't mentioning XMPP and conversations in this page? are whatsapp and signal paying their ads in the website? :wavey:

@eff i guess i need to create an account in the massive surveillance proprietary social network (twitter), to be able to have get an answer.. I guess @eff is just fireworks.. :facepalm:

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@ajeremias @eff EFF tends not to give specific app recommendations in the last few years. They were up until 2018 but then stopped doing so. They post more guidelines now and its up to you to make specific app choices. They do still have older articles like this one hanging around though. Here's sort of an explanation:

@supernova @eff not true.. if you go on the website.. click on the top "Tools > Surveillance Self-Defense" you end up in this pages.

@supernova @eff also.. that post is quite old.. and does not embrace the possibility of open source servers + open source apps... ! :yeahsmokin: mastodon rocks.. and XMPP also! :acclaim:

@ajeremias @eff I hope no one will call me out for repeating, with passion, that XMPP's UX is inconsistent because the XEPs are arbitrarily implemented by clients and servers, that XMPP lacks curated lists of clients, that most XMPP servers aren't updated (so if you don't use OMEMO your conversations/IP logs may be easy to fetch), and that the only decent desktop client on Windows is Gajim (while Conversations registers accounts on its paid server by default to finance the client's development)

@ajeremias @eff I have Dino open in a window right now but this doesn't fix the problems I've mentioned

@ajeremias @eff I just can't decently recommend XMPP to my contacts because they run Windows, and I can't recommend them an app that will trick them to run an account on a paid server, either

@carachrone @eff anywayz thats a very important discussion.. would be cool to setup some default xeps for fediverse xmpp servers... like a xmpp concention or something? Anywayz xmpp is amazing.

@ajeremias @eff There's an example configuration file in Ejabberd for XEP-0423 (XMPP Compliance Suites 2020)

@ajeremias don't tell me the @eff have drunk the Signal kool-aid too :/

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