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@paulfree14 wikipedia APP is super good.. dunno if u can plug other mediawikis

Organize ur local "Digital Self-Defense" workshop to support the ... ill share all contents in this folder! :awesome:

Organiza a tua workshop de "Auto-defesa digital", para apoiar a ... Vamos partilhar todos os conteudos neste directório! :awesome:


@nodefunallowed awesome that u came around.. if ya need Pepper or salt or any shit.. ill be around :anarchoheart2:

famous anarchists are horrible, sexual assault 

I was just reminded that Bones is a shithead who got someone drunk and raped them. Don't be like that. And don't be like Black, who wrote up a letter to the Seattle police department saying a neighbour was selling drugs and was well armed. And don't be like Proudhon for obvious reasons. Though Black decided to parrot Proudhon that one time with the same message. And don't be like Bookchin and use racist stereotypes as evidence of "lifestylism".
Though no one here should need to be reminded of any of that.

patreon layoffs 


Look at what happened to Naomi Wu

She was outed by Vice magazine, and when she argued back, Vice spoke to friends at Patreon, and she was barred from Patreon.

No reasons given, and no appeal.

I didn't like that platform, and that was before i heard about the %-age of VC money.

As @be said, "Never trust any company that takes venture capital."

They've already made one bad business decision, so you know that they will make more. :D

#Librarians friends of the Fediverse, I am looking for interesting newsletters or RSS feeds about libraries I could follow. Could you help me?

Mostly around:

#library and #librarianship in general, #archives are an interest too, physical and digital sides both
All things #public #library
#cataloguing in all its form
#games library, in particular #boardgame library

Mainly EN and FR, but feel free to point to stuff in other languages, I will check it out, thanks to the miracle of today’s internet translators.


Amis #bibliothécaires du Fédiverse, je suis à la recherche d’infolettres ou de flux RSS intéressant à propos des bibliothèques que je pourrais suivre. Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Principalement autour de :

#bibliothèques et travail de #bibliothécaires en général, les #archives m’intéressent également, tant les aspects physiques et numériques
Tout autour des #bibliothèques #publiques
#Catalogage sous toutes ses formes

Principalement EN et FR, mais je jetterai un œil à des choses en d’autres langues aussi grâce aux miracles des traducteurs en ligne d’aujourd’hui.


Yet another #introduction

My name is Hayley. Most of the time I write programs and music. Sometimes I write about writing programs, like that article on "ethical software" or the book entitled Software and Anarchy.

Currently I am preparing to present a paper to the European Lisp Symposium, I work on the SICL compiler and I am writing a sequel to my first album entitled Midsummer Moonlight.

what if instead of blockchains and all the stupid shit

we had no currency at all :9045-pls:
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