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The other drawing I made during the last stream
L'autre dessin fait pendant le dernier stream.


@pe_ertu_be sorry to bother you with question,,, when i up load a video, it goes into transcoding.. how much time i should expect for a 100mb file to take?

@suporte descobri que tambem não consigo mudar a imagem de perfil.. tipo, não importa a imagem

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Confesso que não consegui escapar ao enviesamento. O mais interessante da exposição sobre o cérebro na Gulbenkian... claro, os robots pintores de Leonel Moura.

@suporte ,, o mastodon não me deixa partilhar uma foto,, diz que algo errou da parte dele

Can please someone at delete this video and block this user ???( Senpainigger) ( video of new Zealand terrorist attack)

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“A corrupted, surveillant, controlled internet is a place where our lives are torn open by the powerful, logged, and distorted. A free, fair, and open internet is how we fight back.”
―Cory Doctorow (, Locus Magazine, 2018


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the Arabic word for God, Allah, is a cognate of Elohim. both descend from the proto-Semitic 'il, extended with an h. Allah is likely a contraction of al-'ilah, "the God," which would be exactly equivalent to the Aramaic word for the monotheistic god: 'alaha or 'elaha (depending on dialect), where -a is the definite article.

speaking of Aramaic, this would be the language Jesus would have spoken. he literally would have called God Alaha. remember that to tell fundamentalist Christians.

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Home-made drone:

Laser-cut wood as a frame, Arduino as a flight controller, gyroscope from a Wii controller.

The rest is off-the-shelf: motors, ESC controllers, RC equipment.

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I bought prints from @anaisfae and they arrived today! They're spectacular, thank you Anaïs! #mastoart

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A look under the hood of the next big Kdenlive release: how developers stress test the new code of KDE's advanced video editor.

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