. .. ! mines in portugal we say NO!
Portugal: The Dirty Truth Behind Green Cars - ARTE Reportage - Watch the full documentary | ARTE

Lithium is crucial for use in batteries, and as Europe tried to go green and switch to electric cars, demand for this white gold is skyrocketing. The EU imports most of its lithium, but its demand keeps increasing.

Portugal: The Dirty Truth Behind Green Cars - ARTE Reportage arte.tv/en/videos/099874-000-A

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"You can use Nextcloud to replace several online services in a single interface, accessible from anywhere, with a collaboration-first mindset."

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One month of effort went into our current #beta release of #Phosh edition for the #pinephone. We have updated the kernel, components of phosh and reintroduced #Anbox. Get it, as soon as it becomes available: osdn.net/projects/manjaro-arm/

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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Final form becoming apparent now. Also, let me tell you how lovely Daler Rowney Pearlescent Black ink is 😍😍😍🖤🖤 #MastoArt

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When we talk about defunding police, we are talking about refunding the community.

Caravan turns east on 14th Street toward Lake Merritt.
#ReclaimMLK #ReclaimMLKoak

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#adoptedcat #caturday Gigi Mont-blanc, the cat that adopted us, after showing up in a mess, is lovely and bring us lots of joy

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"My kids wanted to hack my #Linux desktop, so they typed, clicked everywhere when the screensaver core dumped & they actually hacked their way in! wow, those little #hackers," the father said.


#Security #LinuxMint 🍃#Vulnerability #InfoSec

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The consequences of the calls to action to incite violence by Trump and his allies - politicians, media, family, supporters - are not over.

They continue to be felt now, during this transition time, and will be after President-elect Biden is sworn in. Words and actions matter.

There must be accountability at the voting booths, in the courts, and in the bank accounts of offenders. It's past time to drive home the point that supporting white supremacy and dangerous lies is unconscionable and carries consequences.

There must be accountability before any talk of moving on and a lot of it.

The Coming Republican Amnesia-

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Your donations allowed to take a better server so we can host our own translation API at translate.fedilab.app
This translation api will be also used with #TubeLab
Thank you so much for your help 🙏

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Signal having technical issues because some celebrity tweeted “Use Signal” shows what’s wrong with this world: too many people listen to celebrities, not arguments or reason.

I wonder what would happen if he tweeted something like:

Hey everyone, why don’t you all just

install F-Droid, a privacy-respecting Google Play alternative;
create an account on one of the multiplicity of servers;
install Conversations, a nice Jabber/XMPP client

to talk freely and with little risk of noticing any impact when suddenly, loads of sheeple follow orders from their puppet master.

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I've been on Mastodon over at
I'm based in the UK and into food, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them.
I'm involved in a few projects -

ourfieldproject.org/ 40 people using online tools to collaborate managing a field

travellingtoolbox.org.uk/ is a mobile hackspace/workshop set up to help environmental & community projects build & fix tools and infrastructure

farmhack.org/wiki/soilhack-wik Soilhack is a peer 2 peer learning network

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Nós somos um coletivo que fornece espaço a outros coletivos na internet, para debater, partilhar, conversar, mail e uma rede social! Queremos um espaço na internet onde sejamos soberanos dos nossos dados e das nossas redes, sendo a confiança criada através de de provas de cooperação. coletivos.org