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No idea why white resigned here. It's bad but it's not that bad, I think. Anyone able to spot something I can't?
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Kurokawa’s Capsules, Symbolic building of the Metabolism Movement.

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan

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Libcom: **Marseille dockers refuse to load arms headed to Saudi Arabia**

"In Marseilles, dockers refuse to load French weapons heading to Saudi Arabia. read more"

#anarchism #bot

@pe_ertu_be i just uploaded a video.. its on a autoblack list thing? moderator needed.. ?how did this happend? 🙂

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Jolla / Sailfish OS: a benefit from Huawei's Android ban.

A surprise momentum on the recent Trump Administration's decision to blacklist Huawei.


“We believe the world is not going to be only iOS and Android forever. Such a world scenario simply limits natural human innovation, and as seen by the topical political acts, can be also very risky for the industry.”

Run also Android apps on Sailfish.

#Jolla #Huawei #Trump #Sailfish #Linux #Android #AlienDalvik

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Enough is Enough: **Statement of the anarchist compañeras arrested in #Madrid on May 13**

"The following is the statement of the compañeras arrested in Madrid on May 13 in an “anti-terrorist” operation carried out jointly by agents of the Information and Riot Squad of the UIP in two squatted spaces in the district of T…"

#anarchism #bot

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Does anyone here remember when tobacco and alcohol companies got in trouble for using cartoon characters because they were normalizing and monetizing toxic, addictive behaviors for children?

Microsoft's digital assistant is named Cortana. Cortana is a character from a video game franchise. Cortana is also one of the core features that Microsoft uses to data mine people who use Windows 10.

@pe_ertu_be hello,, hey sorry to bother,, iv up load a video and im sure lots of people seen it , but the counter is on zero... i would like to know whats happening,, its not normal.. just to let you know,, cheers! Obrigado!

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