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Holly crap! We just saw presentation from @nextcloud on new version of #nextcloud. We're super excited and we'll be testing new release asap. Lots of new features! Thanks for awesome work!

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OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

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Que alghén nos mande unha proba do que fumou o autor/a deste cartaz. Ten que ser sublime! 😉

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mais um lindo dia pra apagar a conta do twitter. coragem.

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Question to #art #mastoart people: do you know anyone with an experience organizing art contest? I was thinking about starting a Creative Commons #Solarpunk challenge (all entries must be CC-BY-SA or CC-BY) with some rewards.

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#PreciousPlastic version 4 has launched! #OpenSource tools for you to start your own #plastic #recycling project, and cooperate with similar projects across your area and the globe

These designs have already powered several awesome initiatives such as , which gathers and recycles ocean plastic

#solarpunk #CircularEconomy

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Ran `tootctl accounts cull`, which is responsible for removing deleted or unavailable users on other instances from our database. It ran for a full day, made the progress bar overflow, and removed nearly 10k accounts from nearly 200k.

Fun fact, during this run, it tried to contact 1360 fediverse instances which were at one point known to us, but now unavailable. RIP those instances.

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Já podes ajudar a PTrevolutionTV via paypal

Now you can help PTrevolutionTV using paypal

Knowledge is power, if you have it share it!

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O ministério pode ser merdoso, o ordenado péssimo, a carga de trabalho excessiva (tenho 18 turmas e 480 alunos), mas há dias que fazem mesmo valer a pena.

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The city of #Bern wants to keep Google and Microsoft out of their schools! 🎆

Schools are experimenting with Collabora (Nexcloud), Kolab, Mahara, Mattermost and Moodle. ❤️

Some, of course, complain for the minor incompatibilities, e.g., with MS Word, but they should blame themselves for not having used Open-Standards in the first place!

Full article (in German only):

If you know other cities running similar initiatives please reply.

FuckOff #GAFAM

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Learning Kubernetes For Job 

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DisHub: la instancia de Hubzilla en Disroot EN MENTENIMIENTO

Desde hace ya tiempo nuestra instancia de #Hubzilla tiene algunos problemas que no hemos podido solucionar, sobre todo por falta de tiempo.
Ahora está directamente caída y no podemos decir con certeza por cuánto tiempo. Esperamos que sea por un periodo breve.

Disculpen las molestias.

DisHub: Disroot's Hubzilla instance IN MAINTENANCE

Since a while go now, our #Hubzilla instance has some issues we couldn't managed to solve, due to lack of time mostly.

Now is just down and we can't say with certainty for how long. We expect it won't be that long.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

When it is Saturday night and you want to go to bed.

And then you see in your feed that @c3voc_releases is announcing the release of another 15 or so talks videos!

So, sleeping or binge watching???

🤔 🤔 🤔

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Resistance is futile - you will be assimilated. Ein Plädoyer für Schulschlaf in der Digitalen Grundbildung. has been released on

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"Com cidadania russa e morada nos Emirados Árabes Unidos, a empresária angolana gere o seu património longe de Luanda." ...

e é isso... roubamos a guita toda ao povo angolano... e depois fugimos pó dubai.. viva o capitalismo!


One day we should do a collection of articles about the different waves of refugees to

Got a video about the spanish wave:

And one about the users from India:

Any one got news clips or news videos about the Scottish wave?

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Got this via @antobueno, via @kensanata :

New instances are being created for people around the Spanish state:
• Catalan​
• Madrid​
• Euskal Herria​
• and a general one​

Muy bien! 👍

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