I can't wait until I can begin removing OStatus-related code from Mastodon. I think GNU social is the last remaining fediverse project that hasn't yet switched to ActivityPub? #mastodev

@Gargron at some point dropping OStatus, even if not every single project has moved on to ActivityPub yet, should be considered simply because of the fragmentation they add to the fediverse, which is not much better than the threat of proprietary services~

@maryjane @kevat Hubzilla is on ActivityPub and Diaspora will probably never be, but Diaspora was never OStatus either.


Ok you dont consider diaspora fediverse. Not surprising considering their positions on ActivityPub. But still dont understand why remove Ostaus support

@maryjane @kevat OStatus never moved past a draft stage of standartization. It is completely devoid of any privacy mechanisms. It has no advantages over ActivityPub. Why not still keep it? Because we want cleaner code in Mastodon. Less code to maintain and ensure quality & safety of.

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