I can't wait until I can begin removing OStatus-related code from Mastodon. I think GNU social is the last remaining fediverse project that hasn't yet switched to ActivityPub? #mastodev

@Gargron at some point dropping OStatus, even if not every single project has moved on to ActivityPub yet, should be considered simply because of the fragmentation they add to the fediverse, which is not much better than the threat of proprietary services~

@kevat @Gargron
But what is the point in removing Ostatus support?

@maryjane @kevat Mastodon is not a multi-protocol application. The only reason OStatus is in there is because we started with OStatus, then switched to the much better ActivityPub, and haven't removed OStatus yet.


Ok. But what improves in mastodon by removing Ostatus support?

@maryjane @kevat Fewer lines of code to maintain. Fewer code paths to keep track of.

@Gargron @kevat
At least from a technical point of view.

From the fediverse point of view for me it would be like to cut off a part of the fediverse if federation with Gnu Social stops

@maryjane @kevat A whole year ago there was talks about GNU social upgrading to ActivityPub. I have not heard anything about it since, but there is a limit to how long you can wait, right? Most of the fediverse has moved on.

@Gargron @maryjane exactly my point, it shouldn't be mastodons (or any other ActivityPub using project) burden to support obsolete standards just so some technological niches, who purposefully self-segregate by refusing to accept standards, don't feel left out.

@maryjane @Gargron @kevat Pretty much every code base is improved by removing things. Every non-trivial code vase is already too big to fully understand, and removing things makes this problem less severe. This leads to better development and fewer accidents.

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