I am currently connected with my #Peertube account on #Mastalab.
I can easily switch between Mastodon and Peertube accounts.


As is becoming like the swiss army knife of ActivityPub android app (support for mastodon, pleroma, peertube). And multi account. How about a name change to something more broad and fediverse generic? And not a mastodon focused name.

@maryjane It's not the first time that I have this question. If people have some ideas?

@tom79 @maryjane Fedilab, as others have suggested, sounds great IMO. 😍

#Fedilab sounds like a good and logical name improvement choice. It immediately gives a more correct #perspective . Mostrar mais

I like the name mastalab as well, it's cool. But i think mastalab is becoming more encompassing than just mastodon

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