I have an issue with #GNUSocial api when calling


Server returns an error:

{"error":"Argument 1 passed to Profile_prefs::getConfigData() must be an instance of Profile, null given, called in \/var\/www\/gnusocial\/local\/plugins\/Qvitter\/classes\/NotificationStream.php on line 46","request":"\/api\/qvitter\/statuses\/notifications.json"}

Sounds related to: github.com/hannesmannerheim/qv that is null.

Are there #GNUSocial specialists for helping? Thanks :)


@colegota can you help send the above post to users/devs. The dev of is trying to bring support to it's app and needs some help.

@lnxw48a1 @mmn @colegota @up201705417

Thanks. I had a look to this doc but I didn't find something about notifications, and I noticed that the web app makes this call to the #Qvitter plugin.

Is there a way to retrieve notifications like in the web interface?

Okay, just read about what Mastalab is and you definitely shouldn't be using qvitter API given that some instances (like the one I'm using) don't have that plugin installed.

About getting notifications, I've been using @andstatus and it is very competent in notifying me, so I guess maybe that app developer might be able to provide you with the required guidance. Or you can just look for the bit of code handling that on AndStatus, it is FLOSS :)
@colegota @liberadalinux @mmn @tom79 @maryjane @diogo @aab @dalme  es que esta apuntanto a una url donde está el json. esta es la ruta en gnusocial -> https://gnusocial.net/api/statuses/friends.json 
@tom79 @liberadalinux @mmn @maryjane @colegota @diogo @aab @dalme Few hours ago someone ask for the consumption of the gnusocial service. This is my answer

@foo @mmn @maryjane @colegota @up201705417 @liberadalinux @aab @dalme

Hey, could you help me to understand how to exclude these automatic toots sent to my home timeline after an action (deleted/fav) from me. See attached. Thanks.

PS: I use "statuses/home_timeline.json"


I remember the developer of @AndStatus also dealing with this somehow. Maybe it is a matter of parsing this statuses?
Actually these messages are something that I miss in mastodon. I like to see what people fav 😉

@foo @mmn @maryjane @colegota @up201705417 @liberadalinux @aab @dalme

Ok. Maybe there is a special parameter in the returned object. So I can filter them.
@AndStatus @foo @mmn @maryjane @colegota @up201705417 @liberadalinux @aab @dalme

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