A bunch of Swedish MEPs pressed the wrong button in the Copyright Directive vote, defeating the chance to vote to delete #article13 and #article11.

Well, that’s quite the mandate to fuck with millions of Internet users.


It’s my upbringing, but my second thought after having to go for A LONG WALK, was: holy shit those MEPs must be feeling awful right now.

@mala I can't help but feel a little skeptical. All of them voted the wrong way? What are the chances? And then to make, effectively, a non-binding post-facto statement & correction so they come out looking clueless rather than evil, and the whole thing gets blamed on parliamentary procedure or some such. Seems like such a perfect way to have cake & eat it.


Also happened with a MEP, Fransisco Assis of the socialst party. But the news was that he was able to ammend his vote from 'yes' to 'no'

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