This post-mortem of today's Matrix prod compromise is great for its transparency and cautious response. Also a clear demonstration why dev infrastructure (Jenkins or otherwise) should not be allowed to access prod. #keepemseparated #infosec #devops

@kylerankin Takeaway 1: Matrix response to take down prod, rebuild from scratch in relatively short order, is commendable and all orgs should be aim to be able to do the same in similar circumstances.

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@kylerankin 2: Many #devops orgs deploy to prod straight from CI. Jenkins is red team gold. Always separate dev/prod completely. Dev access should never lead to prod access.

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@kylerankin 2a: One approach is CI signing/shipping code to dev repo, admin logs into prod to trigger prod pkgs sync from dev to prod. Make attacker have to backdoor the code itself.

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@kylerankin 3: Great early post-mortem given circumstances. Affected servers, what attackers did, what Matrix did, what users should do, timelines, promises of more detail later.

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@kylerankin it seems it's still not over. or at least something very strange is going on in matrix website.

@maryjane @kylerankin I can't log in using in order to change my password, so I think things are still broken.

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