Employees of Microsoft, IBM and Google signing appeals for the FSF board to resign

I mean, just imagine BP, Exxon and friends running a campaign to change Greenpeace's leadership

The "open source" camp really succeeded in presenting itself as neutral, but make no mistake, this is as ideological as things could get: "open source" was created to counter the free software/copyleft movement, and this is the long-awaited killing blow





"Believing you *have* to pick sides only pollutes the debate further" Absolutely agree with you.

About this "specific detail", you used the example:

"imagine BP, Exxon and friends _running_ (my emphasis on "running")a campaign to change Greenpeace's leadership"

I will not question that there are people from MS and Google signing that letter. If people took to the trouble of checking everyone that signed the letter, ok, I believe them.




But stating that the people that _started_ the letter and are _running_ the process (accepting new signatures), are from MS and google is a tad too much


@maryjane ok fair point, the argument doesn't need that bit of hyperbole

Still, i believe there is still a point to be made about anti-copyleft companies attempting to influence and condition the FSF in such a brazen way

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