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I would just like to say hello to lesbians and queer women today. Y'all are real ones

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happy pride to the queers, the kinksters, the furries, the drag queens, the polyamorists, and the folks whose gender & sexuality is so beautifully complicated it transcends simple labels.

happy pride to Black queers, Indigenous queers, queers of colour, old queers, disabled queers, fat queers, neurodivergent queers, poor queers.

you're all wonderful people, unashamed of your amazing, radical queer selves. don't let anyone change that.🤘🖤

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Am 21.6. erzählt @GemeinsamGegenDieTierindustrie etwas über ihre Massenaktion gegen die #Tierindustrie vom 12-17 Juli.

Davor seid ihr eingeladen mit uns über Anarchismus, Tierbefreiung und deren Gemeinsamkeiten zu reden.

Anmeldung via glitzerkatapult [@] riseup [.] net

Hallo zusammen!
Wir, das Anarchistische Kollektiv Glitzerkatapult, möchten dich zu unserem Vortrag zum Thema "Anarchie und Tierbefreiung - eine Einführung" einladen.

Wir werden ein paar Ideen vorstellen und anschließend wird es eine Diskussion geben, bei der sich alle gerne beteiligen können.

Am Ende wird das Bündnis Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie über eine Massenaktion zivilen Ungehorsams gegen die Tierindustrie am 12. bis 17. Juli sprechen.

Wenn du mehr über Anarchie, Tierbefreiung und deren Gemeinsamkeiten wissen willst, schick uns eine kurze Mail an glitzerkatapult [@] riseup [.] net und wir schicken dir am Tag vorher einen Link.

Die Veranstaltung findet am 21. Juni, um 18 Uhr statt.

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we need more leftist propaganda for summer 2021 that says something to the effect of:
* Stay Masked
* Don't Work
* Build Community Not the Economy

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"Any sufficiently advanced form of sabotage is indistinguishable from organizational incompetence."
- proletariat
#sabotage #becomeungovernable #insurrection

As I do topless workout infront of the mirror
Just to see them boobies swing
I can feel my cat staring at me
her whole pose one question
What the fuck is he doing

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Minneapolis is gathering rn in Uptown for the 4th straight night for local black revolutionary Winston Smith, assassinated by a county sheriff/US Marshals task force which claims to have no video and lied from day 1.

We're all wondering why this isn't a bigger story in either local or natl media. The coverup machine is in full force. Local collaborators are spreading the false narrative he was a murderer. The cops with badges are cracking heads.

Winston Smith. Say his name, tell his story.

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tired: cancel culture
wired: counsel culture
inspired: council communism

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Carme Pont wrote the following post Sun, 06 Jun 2021 18:03:52 +0300

És la vella submissió.

Planted fern today. I love their moves soooo much. Fern fern fern.

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I live across the street from 2 homeless encampments and I want to post this over every inch of my apartment

@Tipoya OK new follower, you sound sexy, who are you? At least leave me a hint in case we've met, so I can guess.

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pride, strife within the queer community 

I can tell from a lot of attitudes I see from young queers online that they know next to nothing about our history and have probably never been exposed to any queer culture offline. Like whenever I see somebody preaching about how bisexual and/or transmasc lesbians don't exist, ace people aren't queer, kink doesn't belong at pride, only lebians can call themselves femme or butch, etc...I think damn, you really just don't know, do you?

This is why intergenerational solidarity is so important and generational warfare is bullshit. So many young queers are stuck in these extremely online Tumblr thought bubbles with only their peers and the influence of terfs. And they'll deny the last part because a lot of them are trans or vocal trans allies, but they'll still perpetuate terf talking points without knowing it.

And they grow up thinking that being identity cops is gonna help keep other queers safe from the bad, weird ones with the labels they don't like. They don't know what real activism means or looks like. Sometimes they'll repost something about Marsha P. Johnson, but they won't really understand.

We *need* radical queer intergenerational perspectives if we want to survive and fight and flourish.

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mais um pequeno-almoço no topo da colina!
desta vez os Ramblers Parade vão aparecer para tocar uns acordes 🎸
até domingo!

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