@praetor hei. Dude can u please set the flag of 'robot' on the accounts that are soong bridges with twitter? This account @antoniocostapm created much confusion. :ms_shrug:

@suporte Thanks for contacting. What kind of confusion was created?

@praetor people in portugal though the prime minister joined mastodon.. you known there is a flag on the account settings to set it as a bot? Anyway in the description is clear.. :blobcatsurprised:

@suporte One person got confused briefly before reading the bio and was swiftly helped by other people who managed to read. I fail to see what's the big deal here. I doubt that the very little "bot" icon would have made a difference.

Can you suggest a translation of "Unofficial automated mirror" in Portuguese, so we can add that too for the people who don't speak English?

@praetor well yes the robot feature is made exatcly for that. :ablobowo:
"Unofficial automated mirror" -> "Cópia automática não oficial"

@praetor look this is how bots showup in my timeline. Its super useful to see it im the avatar.

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